Don't Tear Us Apart

Don't Tear Us Apart

Summer Rideau-Russo thought marrying Scipio was a dream come true. But when her infertility issues frustrate the couple’s desire for children, she collapses into a nightmare of guilt. And after he tells her the truth about what may be wrong, the ghost of her first marriage threatens to destroy them both.

Now desperate to get pregnant, Summer considers a fertility miracle drug from Scipio’s manipulative stepson. But when it turns out he’s trying to break them up, she’ll have to convince her husband everything is on the level. And the so-called solution to their problems is about to jeopardise everyone’s lives…

Can Summer overcome her tragic history to build a better tomorrow with Scipio?

Don’t Tear Us Apart is the gripping second book in the Summer-Scipio psychological suspense trilogy. If you like domestic thrillers, breathtaking surprises, and complex characters, then you’ll love A Kelly’s twisty tale.

"Riveting from the start, Summer and Scipio are written as an incredible team - sexy, supportive and respectful, but also secretive in certain ways that keeps the tension humming." — Self Publishing Review