Don't Let Me Say Goodbye

Don't Let Me Say Goodbye

Summer Rideau-Russo thought she’d battled her demons and won. But her bliss is short-lived when her husband collapses and the diagnosis is grim. Juggling an uncertain future, her fears worsen when she discovers her ex’s violent accomplice is on a mission to destroy what remains of her happiness.

Joseph ‘Scipio’ Russo would do anything to protect his loving wife. But when brain cancer brings him to his knees, he struggles to accept the tables have turned. And now he faces a grueling recovery, all while the mob plots to take him down.

After receiving a dire warning to go to ground, Summer’s terror for her soulmate’s life forces her to plan for the worst. And as their world spirals out of control and his treatment starts, Scipio becomes a sitting duck for a hitman’s unforgiving crosshairs.

Don’t Let Me Say Goodbye is the emotional third book in the Summer-Scipio psychological suspense trilogy. If you like determined heroines, compassionate heroes, and powerful domestic thrillers, then you’ll adore A Kelly’s gripping tale.

"Don't Let Me Say Goodbye is a guilty pleasure that's hard to put down." — Self Publishing Review