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A sinfully thought-provoking read that will keep you up way too late.
"A gripping tale of a woman’s attempt to navigate the labyrinth that is the human heart." - Jo Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review

Dark romance (full novel collection)

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Summer Rideau-Russo thought she’d battled her demons and won. But her bliss is short-lived when her husband collapses and the diagnosis is grim. Juggling an uncertain future, her fears worsen when she discovers her ex’s violent accomplice is on a mission to destroy what remains of her happiness.


Joseph ‘Scipio’ Russo would do anything to protect his loving wife. But when brain cancer brings him to his knees, he struggles to accept the tables have turned. And now he faces a grueling recovery, all while the mob plots to take him down.


After receiving a dire warning to go to ground, Summer’s terror for her soulmate’s life forces her to plan for the worst. And as their world spirals out of control and his treatment starts, Scipio becomes a sitting duck for a hitman’s unforgiving crosshairs.

Don’t Let Me Say Goodbye is the emotional third book in the Summer-Scipio psychological suspense trilogy. If you like determined heroines, compassionate heroes, and powerful domestic thrillers, then you’ll adore A Kelly’s gripping tale.

"Don't Let Me Say Goodbye is a guilty pleasure that's hard to put down." — Self Publishing Review

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Love must be tested to be fulfilled

Summer Rideau-Russo thought marrying Scipio was a dream come true. But when her infertility issues frustrate the couple’s desire for children, she collapses into a nightmare of guilt. And after he tells her the truth about what may be wrong, the ghost of her first marriage threatens to destroy them both.


Now desperate to get pregnant, Summer considers a fertility miracle drug from Scipio’s manipulative stepson. But when it turns out he’s trying to break them up, she’ll have to convince her husband everything is on the level. And the so-called solution to their problems is about to jeopardise everyone’s lives…


Can Summer overcome her tragic history to build a better tomorrow with Scipio?

Don’t Tear Us Apart is the gripping second book in the Summer-Scipio psychological suspense trilogy. If you like domestic thrillers, breathtaking surprises, and complex characters, then you’ll love A Kelly’s twisty tale.

"Riveting from the start, Summer and Scipio are written as an incredible team - sexy, supportive and respectful, but also secretive in certain ways that keeps the tension humming."Self Publishing Review

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She's his dream, she's his danger

Feisty lawyer Summer Rideau's troubled past has left her with a penchant for pain. And her fascination with twisted desires has led her to a strangled union with a charming convicted criminal. But she’s forced to flee to a safe house when their violent intimacy spirals dangerously out of control.


Joseph “Scipio” Russo’s disastrous failed marriage has made him wary of baring his heart. And with an almost-adult daughter to look after, he’s happy enough being a perfectly kind and gentle role model. But when a gorgeous distressed attorney moves in next door, he can’t resist her pull.


As Summer finds her neighbour’s soft-hearted charm soothing her own deep-seated wounds, she fears her sadistic ex could fly into a murderous rage if he sees them together. And though Scipio senses the stunning woman’s murky background could prove treacherous, he vows to step in before he loses the love of a lifetime.


Will their fateful attraction only lead to more agony, or is this the healing they both need?


Don’t Leave Me Breathless is the first book in the gripping Summer-Scipio psychological suspense trilogy. If you like spine-tingling action, dark sensual tension, and chilling threats, then you’ll adore A Kelly’s edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride.

"A. Kelly takes on a journey of romance and thriller that keeps us wanting more, delivering suspense, drama, and fear!" — Manhattan Book Review

“Love, hatred, lust, regret… all are presented, and all turn the book from just a story into a rollercoaster. In the end, the book did leave me breathless.” — Jo Niederhoff, City Book Review 

"Kelly delivers a steamy page-turner with a three-dimensional heart." — Self Publishing Review


​Andrea Curtin hires men for pleasure – with her husband’s blessing. Frederico Lowe, a seasoned escort, gives her more than a night to remember.

"An erotic tale that stands out for its deft exploration of sex and lust alongside unimaginable tragedy." - Library Journal

"A daring erotic romance. It's a truly entertaining read filled with steamy scenes, complicated characters, and narrative twists and turns to keep you guessing." - Independent Book Review

"A gripping tale of a woman’s attempt to navigate the labyrinth that is the human heart." - Jo Niederhoff, San Francisco Book Review

"When I’m in Your Arms is a terrific work of erotic fiction with emotional depth and expertly drawn characters that are rare for the genre." - Self-Publishing Review


Zen, a struggling landscape painter, watches her abusive boyfriend plunge to his death from a balcony at their New Zealand home. Being free from his beast-like sexual appetite gives her triumph... and a little guilt, since she did nothing to save him.

Marcus and Dean are a married couple, each with their own dark pasts. And the idea of becoming parents is something they can’t agree on.

Yet Marcus and Zen are inexplicably drawn to one another, despite Marcus’ marriage to Dean. On her canvas Zen paints Marcus as the epitome of beauty. To her burning heart he is a lover with tender masculinity and graceful passion. With him she learns to heal and explore her sexuality in a new light.

A confession reveals a sinister reason behind Marcus’ desperation to become a father. Meanwhile Dean, enraged by the affair, plots to keep Zen out of their lives whatever the cost.

Is Zen willing to overlook Marcus’ dark past? And with Dean closing in on her, will she risk it all to stay with the man her soul hopelessly longs for?

"Amazingly unique love story that will stick with you long after it’s over!" - MSquared Book Blog


Light and sweet (novella collection)

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Love comes in the most unexpected places 

The Sea in Me is A Kelly's debut holiday romance novella.

After losing her husband in a Christmas tragedy, Tamara Brannigan is desperate to find a father figure for her six-year-old daughter Belle. Her attempts fail spectacularly. Getting weary of cleaning up her relationship mess, the superstitious single mum vows to never fall in love again. 


In a bid to lift Belle’s spirits, and to gain back her own sanity, Tamara accepts an invitation to travel half-way around the world to the west coast of America, where a fishing trawler she inherited from her grandma awaits its fate. A boat captain steals Tamara’s heart, but a revelation prompts her to walk away. The pair is done, but cheeky Belle isn’t done with them.

"It feels terrifically honest ...With enough obstacles standing in the way of Tamara’s happiness and a daughter-centric premise, this one could make more than a few romance readers very happy." - Independent Book Reviews


About A Kelly

A Kelly embraces unconventional romance. She's not afraid to tell stories that challenge popular views on love, taboos, and happily-ever-after.

She has travelled the seven continents and met people from different walks of life where she draws inspirations from.

She would die without tea, but when needing something strong she usually turns to Aperol spritz.

A Kelly lives in Melbourne, Australia. ​

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